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Schrödinger’s Caterpillar

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Graham Paint is a downsizing consultant, and sick of it. One morning he misses his bus when he stops to put a strange caterpillar in a matchbox. As the bus passes he’s shocked to spot himself inside. Like Schrödinger’s Cat in the famous quantum thought experiment, the caterpillar's spawned parallel possibilities. This comic novel explores Graham’s search for a better life among the various overlapping alternatives. Another clone, Grim Dupeint, is a loathsome international arms dealer. Graham infiltrates Grim’s corporation, then embezzles cash for charity. When a furious Grim realises, Graham must act fast. And right now he's acting like fish food. Graham launches upon a new lifestyle (and sex life) as he dons the designer suits of power. But sinister figures soon see through Graham’s clothing. Now Graham’s under attack from the corporation, the police, his ex-wife’s private detective, and an infuriatingly pompous water-colourist who Graham might have been if he’d gone to art college rather than business school. To survive (and steal the artist’s wonderful woman) Graham needs to find hidden resources. By definition Dopplegraham’s equally resourceful. Bugger..

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Audiobook now available
The audio version is read by Zane himself. What else did you expect from such a monstrous ego? But he is a very funny author. And this is quantum physics made easy! He did used to read the news on the BBC, so he does have the fruity tones if he can stay sober long enough to focus.
Sequel started
The sequel to Schrödinger's Caterpillar is to be Einstein's Wormhole. Where Schrödinger's Caterpillar explored an alternate parallel universe the new book sees Graham setting off through time. Chances are it'll take a good year or so to finish (unless Zane time travels) so sign up below if you'd like to be kept in the loop nearer publication day.

Far to many jokes in it (sic)
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