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Some reviews

“This has to be one of the funniest books I’ve read in a long time. And I’ve read a lot
of funny books” Clive Eaton ‘The Pyramid Legacy’

"I can't get past the first paragraph of chp 6 - tears of laughter are a bit of a bugger when you're trying to read. When I find a tissue, I will carry on (and try to make some half-way decent sort of comment). This so silly and so very clever, great fun." K E Shaw

“Oh my. This explains everything.” Cass McMain

“Fantastic comic writing; witty and entertaining, yet light and interesting. A good,
compelling plot and endearing characters (even though they are endearing for being
dolts!) It made me laugh out loud on several occasions, and then chuckle while
remembering it.” Maeve Sleibhin

“A great book. A wickedly humorous dismantling of the insanity of our times … elements of the surreal worlds of Douglas Adams and David Nobbs and just as amusing.”
Nick Goulding

“This is excellent ... I hereby declare that all books should have two chapter 5s! … If
this doesn't get published, the rest of us have no hope...” Richard Maitland

“This is a delight. Refreshingly different, clever, and great fun.” Cosmicdancer83

“This is a brilliant work of comic genius.” Tigershark

“Ok, you had me at: "If natural selection can create creationists, then it can manage a caterpillar with a face on its arse." Aaron Overfield

“I was having a really bad day ... I opened up Schrodinger's Caterpillar …I laughed and laughed and laughed! Zane's book is hilarious and I feel much better now for looking at life through his very different viewpoint.” ExpatMaddie

“I love it … I was pretty hooked … enjoyed every moment. It reminds me of Piers
Anthony in some of his more comic moments.” Shelley Jean

“Zane...Your wit, intelligence, and artistic side all shine through your work--and I've
only read 3 chapters thus far. I thank you for the pleasure....Sir!” Evermoore

“Hilarious, new, brilliant, exercises your brain while it totally entertains. Fascinating!”

“A brilliantly funny book. Great characters and plot. Entertaining reading.”

“Several times in the first chapter alone I have laughed. Out loud. Something I'm not
prone to doing when I read, usually. So it's true! It really IS as I've seen claimed: a
witty book for the intelligent-minded! Love it. “ Kirrily Whatman

"Billed as "a stupid book for brainy people," this work is witty, clever and confident, but never obnoxious. It is thought-provoking work; erudite but accessible.”

“This is a wonderfully amusing book.” Wanttobeawriter

“Just stole a few moments while at work and read through the 1st chapter – I had a few weird faces staring at me wondering what I was laughing at!” Dekkle

“I absolutely loved this book and the hilarious and beautifully narrated promotional
video. It reminded me of the late, great Douglas Adams.” Amey

“Brilliant, funny, clever.” Sue Harris

“Schrödinger's Caterpillar is a delightful book aimed at intelligent people. Thankfully, as one of them, I got a huge kick out of the premise of the story … Author Zane Stumpo is a master at controlling the chaos of his world .... It’s a book that readers can appreciate for its comedy and its structure. It’s both absurd and realistic at the same time, which I suppose makes it a bit of a Schrödinger’s cat (or caterpillar) itself. Slate this one for a Catch-22 type of instant classic as soon as it gets published.” John Breedon II

“Completely get it.... loving it... feeling it...” Gypsy Mermaid

“ ,,, what clever writing. Fairly had me crying, some of it, and that's with laughter …
First class fiction.” Neil

“Hahahaha. A few lines into the intro and I’m laughing! This is an awesome book.
Witty, entertaining, refreshing and very intelligent read.” Snakey/Archie

“The writing style, acute observation and sense of the ridiculous are just some factors
which kept me reading … highly original work.” Nell Peters

“I'm still reading this whenever I can snatch a moment, and still laughing out loud.
God only knows, we all need a damn good laugh once in a while, it's good medicine.
Schrödinger's Caterpillar is like a lovely stash of prescription (and non-prescription,
hee hee) meds … “ Joseph P.

“There should be more books like this. Science/comedy = thumbs up.” Travis Hobbs

“Why has it taken me so long to read this book? It is pure class. Witty, intelligent and fun. It is completely nuts but in a what that is totally engaging. There is nothing I can think of to make this wonderful story any better, even the title is inspired.”

“It's way past my bedtime, I'm tired, it's your fault. Five chapters in one sitting and yep, I sniggered aloud.” Kate

"This has me absolutely, deliriously, giddy with delight - and I've only just finished with chapter one! The writing is superb, the characters delightful and the plot is magnificent. This book grabbed me from the title alone, and I could not be more pleased with the work itself. Thank you! Thank you, thank you!" C. E. Frizzell

“ … a great homage to Douglas Adams … Plots twists abound, dialogue holds an Oscar Wilde wit ...” Tarzan for Real


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Schrödinger’s Caterpillar was read by Inga McVicar (lead appraisal reader at Full Paper Jacket).

It is difficult to provide this assessment without resorting to hyperboles. It is an astonishing debut novel – one of the rare few that can genuinely term itself ‘unique’ without blushing. Style, plot, characterisation, inventiveness, narrative techniques … masterful, confident and stand-out. It’s simply a brilliant novel that deserves the fanfare.

The incredibly intricate and complex plot is masterfully handled by the author. The premise (based on Schrödinger’s Cat thought experiment) is an ambitious and audacious one, and in lesser hands could have created a novel that was inaccessible (or worse, patronising). But the author both manages to contain and expand the premise to develop an engaging and pageturning plot – with the added bonus of numerous sub-plots, tangents, digressions … This will be a novel readers return to time and time again to re-discover.

The characterisation is superb, using both description and setting to convey and build the personality of the characters populating the novel. Crucially, the protagonist (Graham) is likeable, albeit occasionally dim, occasionally brilliant, occasionally unreliable, and occasionally the hero. All round a thoroughly decent chap, who readers will wish well of, and be keen to empathise with (despite being a murderer … or was he?).

Schrödinger’s Caterpillar is an edgy, experimentative and often a bit rude – but always firmly remains on the ‘polite’ side of rude. For example, it doesn’t make use of gratuitous sex scenes for titillation (although some of the sex scenes were rather marathon … “Their fingers are wrinkled like prunes.”). The ending (well, endings) of Schrödinger’s Caterpillar were satisfying and apt. The use of alternate Epilogues brought closure without completing the plot …

“A stupid book for brainy people” is an arresting and apt description for Schrödinger’s Caterpillar – and is a direct challenge to readers to ‘step outside’ and have a go if they’re brainy enough.